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Tube Hero is software which helps you to spy on your competition… outrank their videos… and dominate your market on youtube with just a few clicks! 


  • Are you wanting to improve your video’s rank on google?
  • How to know how your competitors did it?
  • Do you want outrank your competitors?

Competition in Youtube market is become harder and harder. As a youtube marketer, you have to improve continuously to be always on the top and outgrow your competitors’ commission and traffic.

There’s many services and software out there for Marketing Research that can help you on your youtube campaigns. The problems are either they are too expensive or complicated to follow.

You wish if there could be a comprehensive solution just focus on your youtube videos and help you dominate your market niche.

You are often wonder why their videos have hundreds of thousands of views and hundreds of engagements. You want to know their method.

Just think… If you knew EXACTLY what it took to get on page 1, how long would it take you to decide if this was a good niche? About a minute, Am I Right? And you’re probably thinking… “But finding all that info’s going to take HOURS!”

Nope. It’ll take about 90 seconds with Tube Hero

Tube Hero is an Adobe Air app (works in both Mac and PC) which allows you to not only spy on your competition, but also puts your videos on page one of Google and Youtube for big paydays, and best of all, it virtually takes your competitors commissions and traffic right from under their noses.

Tube Hero is easy to use and non-techie friendly. I’ve designed it this way, with great attention to detail and a simple tabbed interface even grandma can navigate.

Keep reading the Tube hero review below to find if it’s the answer you’re looking for

  • Product Name: Tube Hero
  • Vendor: Lim Chin Wee Winson
  • Launch Date: Jan 22 2016
  • Price: $17
  • Recommended: Yes
  • Skill level needed: All Levels


Tube hero is a dynamic Youtube Research software that will help you boost your videos rank and beat down your competitors. It is an Adobe Air app which works in both Mac and PC.

As the most powerful marketing research software, Tube hero will helps you outrank your competitors and be the ruler in your niche market.

With Tube Hero you can

  • Quickly and easily research the factor so other videos are using to rank for a keyword including grabbing the tags which Google has hidden for you
  • Analyse any channel (yours or your competitions)at a click of a button so you can see what’s popular and plan your niche domination with your video content.
  • Track video rankings over time so you can see how you are doing for a keyword at a glance.
  • Extract related keywords data from Google’s keyword planner and let’s you mine ranking videos, as well as ad money being spent in the niche and competition… so you can pick out the keywords with the best potential for profit and rankings.


Some screenshots of Tube Hero

Tube hero consists of super convenience and unique features as below:

1. Project management

Firstly, it can perform as your project management program. Most of Youtube research software doesn’t have this special feature.

Now you can manage all your youtube projects in just one place and create as many folders as you wish. All data of your videos will be organized systematically, easy to research and automatically saved. No more annoying excels files!

2. Youtube analyzer

This function allow you to search videos by keyword with full necessary information for your youtube analytics like: page rank, likes, ratings, views, published date, category, words in the tags, titles, descriptions…

Especially it includes delete button for you to remove any video that you feel no need to keep track of. Your data will be more selective and essential to your specific campaign.

3. Channel analyzer

You can analyze data of your own or your competitor’s channel to find out what the hottest content is and how to take advantage of it.

4. Advance rank checker

One utility to keep track of what is going on with any videos you want to analyze.

5. Keyword analyzer

It is one of the most powerful features of Tube Hero software. Keyword research has never been easier. There are up to 500 related keywords for any of  seed keyword with full information of search value, CPC, Videos, Links…

You can pick out the best potential keywords for profit and ranking. This resource will help you to completely dominate your market niche.


What makes Tube Hero the superior Youtube video marketing data research software? Here are some reason why that I think you definitely agree with:

1. Money saving

The price of Tube Hero is quite inexpensive compare to the value it can bring to your video campaign. It only takes you $7 for lite edition and $17 for pro edition. No reason to spend hundreds of dollars on marketing specialists or Virtual Assistant.

2. Time saving

All features of Tube Hero software are well arranged and easy to use. Data collection and analysis is executed in a matter of minutes. It’s an all-in-one data center for your youtube video.

3. Leading the game

It takes no time to have your keywords research and it’s up to you decide how to use it to be the leading player of the game. You can adjust your strategy anytime in order to adapt to the changing market, thanks to the instant and comprehensive data analysis from Tube Hero.


Tube Hero’s author, Winson Lim, seems to know what you need and provide exactly all the essential tools to help you rule your youtube game. The software is so easy and well-defined that you are no need to be an expert or professional to use it.

Besides its reasonable price, it also has shocking double money back guarantee. You can’t get any harm trying this out.

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