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Bingy Review Bonus

Bingy Overview

  • Creator: Mark Bishop
  • Launch Date: 2015-12-21
  • Launch Time: 11:00 EST
  • Niche: Course
  • Price: $14.47
  • Bonus: Yes
  • Recommend:  Yes

Do you know the secret in SEO and Internet Marketing world? That’s we always have to learn new things to be successful. Why? Because the Search Engines are always up to date to serve the users.

We have to see the chance. The largest users Search Engine is always the Google with about 70% people in US use it. Of course we must focus on Google, but we shouldn’t ignore other SEs. I think you understand what I mean. I mean about the Bing Powered brothers: Bing and Yahoo!

Separate those ones, they have nothing in this market. However, when two brothers collaborate, their market share is about 15%. If you must cost a lot on Google, you just need little to be the affected guy in the 15% market share.

That’s why today I have to write this article when I see a course which teaches us about SEO on Bing Powered SEs. You just need to do 1 and you have the same 2 results on Bing and Yahoo! Why don’t you learn it? I mean about the Bingy course.


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What is BingY?

Bingy is the course about ranking any keywords in a new site on the page #1 of Bing and Yahoo. This really is the quickest route (through the back door) to top SERPs… and it certainly isn’t theory either.

BingY Features:

  1. 5 detailed videos (over 50 minutes): There are full PDF transcribes and MP3s for each video.
  2. A PDF version of the ranking formula – Full notes, updates and links to the handpicked and trusted Fiverr service provides that Bishop are using and it’s working.

BingY Review – Upgrade

DOWNSELL  ( $9.77 )

  • We understand that people are often jaded by the IM industry and sometimes fail to see actual value in a product which is why we decided to offer a downsell to BINGY.
  • As a downsell to BINGY we still deliver the entire formula to your customers only in a LITE version.
  • If your subscribers decide to purchase our downsell then they will still receive the PDF version as well as the notes, updates, service provider links, as well as the case study and proof.

BingY OTO 1  ( $37 )

  • Google is King – we all know that and so do our subscribers. In BINGY2 we use the impact from our Bing ranking strategy to rack up SERPs in Google.
  • Bing and Google have very different algorithms the upshot is – we can easily GAME Bing’s. Having said that both Bing and Google share a common goal which becomes easier to roll out in Google and exploit once BINGY (the Bing version has taken affect).
  • BINGY2 (Google Edition): Consists of another six over the shoulder videos, Main PDF, Product Creation PDF (Lead magnets), 4 PDF transcribes & MP3s, Notes + Links to service providers Plus of course the all-important case study and ranking proof.
  • Yep we are ranking in Google too!

Click To See Detail BingY OTO 1

DOWNSELL 1 ( $17 )

  • Just like BINGY we’re offering a LITE version of BINGY2… It’s highly unlikely that anyone who buys BINGY will want to pass on the chance of jumping all over the Google Edition – But just in-case they do we have them covered.
  • Sure it’s the LITE version but we still deliver the whole method… just without the videos, bells and whistles.

OTO 2 ( $47 – $67 – $97 )

  • BINGY Reseller / Whitelabel
  • As close to a business in a box as it gets… During launch your customers will have the opportunity to purchase a reseller licence to the whole BINGY funnel – 100% profit on everything without the headache – Use our marketing material, videos, sales pages, delivery, customer support the lot.

BingY Conclusion – You Should Buy It Now

If you’re tired of being overwhelmed, if you’re tried of taking shots in the dark, and wasting time, money and energy on unsuccessful and unproven books – this will fix that for you.

I am sure that Bingy  is the best choice for everyone who want to make cash flow from internet business. “A success depend so much on the decision” and now this is a time for you to give a decision!

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